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LeGrand MK12 Super Vee- 1971

LeGrand MK12 Super Vee- 1971

Aldin “Red” LeGrand started out building a formula race car for himself and three friends in the late 1950s. The car was so successful in competition, Red started a business designing and building race cars. The first production car was the MK1 which was completed in 1963. It was extremely light (440 lbs.) and small. The powerplant was a 76hp air-cooled BMW 700 engine. The MK1 was so successful that it was often made to run in a faster class than it was designed for. Red designed at least fifteen different race cars in his career. The total number of cars he produced is about 200. The car before you is an MK12 Super Vee. It was the only MK12 produced by LeGrand. Powered by a 175hp Volkswagen engine with a top speed of 160 mph, it was a fast car that did not go into production. This car was generously donated to the Museum by Brian Crombie.


  • Manufacturer: Le Grand Race Cars
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Engine: 4 cylinder, air-cooled, 2825cc, (originally, the motors were limited to 1600cc), 175hp
  • Top Speed: 160 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1971
  • Number Produced: 1

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