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L’Eclair- 1930


Built by Jean Legeay of Gennes, France, the L’Éclair is a home-built propeller-driven car. Built in M Legeay’s garage, he made every part, except the Indian V-twin engine, the wheels, and the gauges. He even carved the propeller himself! The name L’Éclair shares its meaning with the pastry; éclair in French means “flash of light”. It was said you ate the dessert as fast as a bolt of lightning. M Legeay also used the car from 1930 until 1935, making many improvements. He said the car ran very well, had smooth acceleration, and was faster than anything else of the time. The drawback was the noise; it scared people, and it was said he would also chop up many chickens that ran across the road in front of him. In 1935, he gave up on the L’Éclair to pursue other business interests.
The L’Éclair hung in the attic until 2004, when it was donated to Espace Air Passion, a regional airplane museum in Angers, France. In 2005, Lane Motor Museum borrowed the L’Éclair with the understanding that we would restore the original, and make a replica for ourselves. The project was completed in 2015.


Manufacturer: Jean Legeay
Country of Origin: France
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, propeller-driven
Engine: Indian V-twin, 1189cc, air-cooled, 8 HP
Transmission: None; direct drive
Top Speed: 60 MPH
Years of Production: 1930
Number Produced: 1