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Honda S660- 2015


The Honda S660 is the spiritual successor to the 1990’s Honda Beat, itself a descendent of Honda’s first sports car, the 1963 Honda S500 roadster. The result of a four year competition between 400 engineering graduates at Honda, the winning design was first seen as a prototype at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, entering production in 2015.

This Kei class (very small) car is just over 11 feet long, and the extensive use of aluminum resulted in a very light car – only 1830 pounds – and a very stiff chassis, adding to the sports car feel. Regulations for Kei cars limit not only exterior dimensions and weight, but also limit the engine to 660cc and power output to 63hp, so every pound shaved off the weight adds performance. The drivetrain is largely taken from the more mainstream Honda N-One sedan, with a larger oil pan and higher rev limit. Electronic driving aid Agile Handling Assist, plus bespoke Yokohama tires, aid the handling and give the S660 a real sports car feel, far better than any of its Kei-class rivals.

Car and Driver reported in January 2015 that the S660 was headed to the US, a long-awaited replacement for the S2000. In US trim, it was to have a turbocharged 1-liter engine with 125hp; unfortunately, by August, Honda had quashed these rumors, but hinted at a more appropriate US-market mid-engine sportster in the near future.

This Alpha trim level car differs from Beta cars primarily in available colors and leather vs. cloth upholstery. With the erector set-like roof removed and stored up front, there is virtually zero available storage anywhere in the car.

Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Country of Origin: Japan
Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: Turbocharged, 63HP, inline
3-cylinder, 658cc, water-cooled
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Top Speed: 87 MPH
Years of Production: 2015-present
Number Produced: _________
Original Cost: ¥2,180,000 JPY;
$15,300 USD