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Goggomobil T300- 1958


Hans Glas and his son Andreas began producing scooters in their agricultural repair shop in Germany shortly after World War II. Their first product, the Goggo scooter, named for Hans’ youngest son, was an instant success as it met a demand for low-cost vehicles in the economically depressed country. This success helped pave the way for a line of Glas automobiles. Glas’ first prototype featured a front-opening door, like the BMW Isetta; however, it was replaced by conventional side-opening doors in 1955, when the first Goggomobil T250 was introduced. The Goggomobil T300, a model with a more powerful engine, began production the following year. The Goggomobil was well received in Germany as well as other European countries and even in the United States. The T300 came from New South Wales, Australia. The father and son team tried expanding their business, developing larger cars for an unfortunately unresponsive market. The company was sold to BMW in 1966; production of the Goggomobil continued until 1969.





Manufacturer: Hans Glas GmbH

Country of Origin: Germany

Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine: Air-cooled, 293cc, twin-cylinder, 2-stroke, 15bhp

Transmission: 4 speed plus reverse (with electric pre-selector as an available option)

Top Speed: 97 km/h (60 mph)

Years of Production: 1955-1969

Number Produced: 174,548

Original Cost: £467 ($1307)