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Georges Irat- 1938


The first appearance of the Irat name was in 1914 but there is no record of car production until 1921. Apart from the bodies, the whole of the car was made at the factory in France. Output was about 200 cars per year up to the end of the 1920s. Irat became interested in American engines and built a new factory to produce larger cars powered by straight-8 lycoming engines. Poor sales and the big straight-8s brought Irat close to financial ruin. 1936 saw a revival-thanks to the car you see here. Engine makers Godefroy and Levecque needed a new customer for their ruby engines. Irat produced a small sports car powered by a 1100cc ruby engine driving the front wheels. The 6cv Georges Irat was more sporting in looks than in performance. It was offered as an open 2-seater and it became quite popular.