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Fiat 500C Van-1953


In 1936 Fiat introduced the 500, or “Topolino” as a small car for the masses of Italy. Inexpensive and robust, the Fiat 500 sold in large numbers. The first version of the 500 was called the A model, and was produced from 1936-1948. The next model, B, was produced 1948-1949, and the final version, C, was produced 1949-1955. While the “A” model was only produced as a passenger car, but the “B” model also had a station wagon version, the Giardiniera-Belvedere.
The car seen here is a “C” model, and it is basically a station wagon model without windows. Used by many small companies for deliveries, the van’s survival rate is very low as most of the vehicles were simply used up. Although the A and B models of the 500 were similar, the C had completely different front bodywork, and was the first Fiat to offer a heater-defroster. The engine was given an aluminum head, but output remained the same as the “B” at 16.5hp.


Manufacturer: FIAT Società per Azioni
Country of Origin: Italy
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: 4 cylinder, 569cc, water-cooled
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Top Speed: 59 MPH
Years of Production: 1949-1955
Number Produced: 376,370
Original Cost: _______