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Fiat Giannini Camioncino Replica – 1970

A testament to the adaptability of the Fiat 500 platform, this apparently homebuilt homage to coachbuilder Giannini’s Camioncino (translation: pickup truck) is itself based on the Fiat 500K Giardiniera (wagon). As in the Giardiniera, the rear mounted, air-cooled engine is laid down under the bed to allow for a
flat load floor. Many of Giannini’s trucks were put into service as city service vehicles throughout Italy. Original Camioncinos had slatted sides surrounding the bed to maximize cargo capacity. Our replica has a snap-on cover to conceal the up to 400kg (880 pound) payload.
Manufacturer:  Fiat
Country of Origin: Italy
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  499cc, two-cylinder, air-cooled, 17hp
Transmission:  4 speed manual 
Top Speed:  60 mph
Years of Production: 1970 
Number Produced:  unknown
Original Cost:  $3,095