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Fiat 600 Multipla- 1963

Fiat 600 Multipla- 1963

One year after the introduction of the Fiat 600, another version was introduced–possibly the first minivan–the Multipla (which means “all service”). This vehicle had three rows of seats for a total capacity of six people, the two rear pairs of seats could be folded into the floor, leaving a large flat loading area. Due to the increased weight of this vehicle, the brakes, suspension and steering were all upgraded from the standard 600 model. The model you see here is a series II. Between 1960-66, 83,339 models were produced. This van style was very successful--so successful, that the Multipla was re-introduced in 1998. The new model is an individually-styled 6-seater multi-person vehicle with a short hood and either a 1581cc gas or 1910cc diesel engine.


  • Manufacturer: FIAT
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Engine: 767cc, rear mounted 4 cylinder, water cooled
  • Top Speed: 59 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1956-1966
  • Number Produced: 160,260

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