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The Elcar was a small electric car produced by the famous Italian design and coachbuilding company, Zagato. Known for designs such as the Ferrari 250 GT, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale, and Aston Martin DB7 Zagato, the Zele, as it was known in Europe, was quite a departure. Its small boxy shape, spartan interior, and electric drivetrain were chosen to make the car ideal for urban commuting. The suspension components were borrowed from the Fiat 500 and Fiat 124. Range was approximately 50 miles, and three different wattage motors were offered; 24v, 36v, or 48v.
In response to the American Oil Crisis of 1973, the Elcar Corporation was formed, and the Zele, renamed Elcar, was imported to the United States. Sales were slow, and just two years into production, Zagato stopped producing the Zele/Elcar. This Powder Blue 2000 (48 volt) model was top-of-the-line.


Manufacturer: Zagato
Country of Origin: Italy
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: Marelli electric motor
Transmission: 6 speed forward, 2 reverse
Top Speed: 40 MPH
Years of Production: 1974-1976
Number Produced: 500
Original Cost: $4,500