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Dragonfly Ice Sled- 1957


The Dragonfly Airdrive was an all-season, above-water outboard engine manufactured by Robertson-Hedges Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. They were produced from 1954 through the mid-late 1960s. Advertisements in Boating Magazine and Popular Science Magazine touted the 4 hp Airdrive Outboard as able to push boats through shallow, unobstructed water and could troll at very slow speeds. Rubber mounts minimized vibration, especially as they could be fitted to aluminum boats and canoes. In the words of the manufacture it “worked miracles in the water and on ice sleds”.

One such Dragonfly Ice Sled is seen right here! Capable of 40-50 mph speeds with two adults aboard, it could glide easily across a frozen lake. It had a sleek transom mount designed to give strength as a supporting platform. The Dragonfly Ice Sled came with a windbreak front, steering wheel, two bucket seats, throttle control, and a drag brake. An easy two-bolt breakdown made it quick for transport and storage. The Airdrive Outboard was offered in two variants; the 2 hp at a cost of $189.50, and the 4 hp at $229.50. The Ice Sled alone was only $149.00.

This 1957 Dragonfly Ice Sled is one of two examples surviving today!

Manufacturer: Robertson-Hedges Inc.
Country of Origin: USA
Drivetrain Configuration: Propeller-driven
Engine: Dragonfly Airdrive Outboard 4 hp
Top speed: 40-50 mph
Years Produced: 1957-1958
Number Produced: 2 known
Cost: $378.50  (4 hp motor: $229.50 + Ice Sled: $149.00 + tax and shipping)