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DKW-Vemag Belcar 1000- 1962


The DKW-Vemag is considered the first genuinely Brazilian-made passenger vehicle. It is basically a German DKW Sonderklasse. There were some differences; for example, no heater was provided (for obvious reasons).

The first DKW-Vemag model was launched in 1958. It was the first four door model made in Brazil. DKW autos were produced in Sâo Paulo, Brazil by the industrial group Vemag (Veìculos e Màquinas Agricolas SA). Until associating with auto union in 1956, Vemag imported parts for Studebaker and Scania. The first product of this pairing was a small station wagon, the DKW 3=6, later known as the Venaquet, introduced in late 1956. In 1958, Vemag began production of this four door sedan, later known as the Belgar, and the Candango off roader, similar to the DKW Munga.

By the 1960’s, DKW was one of the most popular cars in Brazil, but after the takeover by Volkswagen in Brazil in 1967, the factories re-configured to produce a notchback Volkswagen sedan.