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Auto Union Munga- 1958


After WWII, the German government sponsored a competition between Borgward, Porsche, and DKW to find a suitable military replacement for the Land Rovers they had used before the war. DKW got the order, having the only factory with the capacity to fulfill it! The Munga was born, although the name did not yet exist until 1962. The word “munga“ comes from the German phrase: mehrzweck universal geländewagen mit allradantrieb, which translated means: multi purpose universal cross-country car with all-wheel drive. Besides the Munga 4 (which held four passengers–two seats in the rear), there was later the Munga 6 (which held six passengers–two two-person benches on each side of the rear) and the Munga 8 (which held eight passengers–two three-person benches on each side of the rear). Technically speaking, all Mungas were identical with the exception of the rear seat. In addition to its duties with the German Federal Armed Forces, the Munga was also used by fire brigades, emergency services, and the forestry administration.