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Davis Divan- 1948



Glenn Gordan “Gary” Davis was an industrial designer and salesman. Around the end of World War II, he bought a small racecar that a California racing enthusiast had converted to a 3-wheeler–thinking it would make a practical economy car. It is likely that this car became the first Davis prototype. The Davis Divan was presented as an advanced, aircraft-inspired, high-technology car. Sixteen running vehicles were built (2 prototypes, 11 divans, and 3 military jeeps). The Divan, at 15½ feet long, is a massive vehicle by 3-wheeled standards. The car is wide enough for four people to be seated side-by-side on the single bench seat. Although Davis sold franchises around the country, production never began. This fact, along with some financial irregularities, was the demise of Davis Motorcar Co. The prototype cars were not sold but rather given to creditors.