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DAF 66 1300 Marathon- 1974


D.A.F. is a Dutch company that began in the late 1920s as a garage. After WWII, the company started manufacturing commercial vehicles. The economical situation and the success of D.A.F. trucks made it possible for Hub Van Doorne to realize his dream of producing a luxury car. He wanted to develop a car that was affordable by the average person. In 1958, the D.A.F. 600 was introduced. It was produced with a step-free variomatic transmission, a fully automatic system using a centrifugal clutch and v-belt drive with a limited-slip differential. With only a forward-and-reverse lever, the D.A.F. was one of the easiest cars to drive of its time. The D.A.F. 66 1300 Marathon model you see here is the last car produced by D.A.F. It was introduced in 1973. D.A.F.’s car operations were subsequently purchased by Volvo cars and the model carried on as the Volvo 66.