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Citroën Visa GTi Rally Car- 1983


The Citroën Visa, conceived in the early 1970s as Project Y2, was envisioned as a replacement for the Ami 8. Citroën was forced to redesign the car after its acquisition by Peugeot in 1976. The Peugeot 104 floorpan and engine, along with the Citroën chassis and bodywork, “express the harmony of approach between the two manufacturers.” First shown at the Paris Auto Show in January 1978, the Visa was offered with either a 652cc flat twin (Citroën), or an 1124cc four (Peugeot). Over the years, the Visa was fitted with a variety of powerplants, such as this potent performance variant. The successor to the Visa GT of 1982-84, the GTI was capable of astonishing performance from its 1.6 liter injected four. Lowered suspension, close-ratio five speed, light alloy wheels, and subtle bodywork changes all added to its performance orientation.