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Citroën Type 350- 1968


The Citroën Type 350 (series n) was launched in 1964. Design of the body, with strong similarities to its predecessor the Ami 6, was the last work of designer Flaminio Bertoni, who was also responsible for the Traction Avant, the 2CVv, the DS, and the Ami 6. The 350 succeeded the Type 23 and 44/55, which continued to be sold for a few years. This flat bed car carrier was built by Citroën and sold mainly to their dealers for use as recovery trucks, although it was offered in a staggering 140 variants. While technical advantages alone give these trucks a confident posture and remarkable handling, it is their robustness that is their premier quality. The Type 350 is a comfortable truck that adapts to the intensity of traffic. The door handles and instrument cluster are from the ID 19. In France, the Type 350 was quickly named “Belphegor,” after a ghost who haunted the Louvre on a popular French television series.