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Citroen Mehari 4×4 prototype-1974


Introduced in 1968, the Mehari was a new multi-purpose, all terrain pick-up joining Citroën’s family of light, flat-twin vehicles. The Mehari was originally designed with a plastic body which prevented corrosion problems and resisted impact.  Roughly145,000 Meharis were produced from 1968-87.  The Mehari is based on the standard 2CV chassis and drivetrain. 
Manufacturer:  Automobiles Citroën
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, 4 wheel drive
Engine:  602cc, 2 cylinder, 28 hp
Transmission:  4 speed manual, high and low range
Top Speed:  50 mph
Years of Production:  1968-87
Number Produced:   145,000 
Original Cost:  ____