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Citroën M-35- 1970


In the late 60s Citroën, like many other car manufacturers, thought that rotary power might be the wave of the future. The M-35 prototype was the first rotary- powered car Citroën made. This car was never intended for mass production, but was supposed to be a real-world test vehicle. To make the M-35 more appealing it was announced that the car would carry an unlimited warranty. Initially 500 cars were to be built, but production was slow, so Citroën began skipping serial numbers to make it look like 500 were built, when in fact only 267 were produced. The M-35 looks similar to an Ami 8, but closer inspection reveals that almost all the parts are different. The cars suffered from poor- running engines and high warranty costs. In 1974 Citroën cancelled the warranty on all the cars and offered owners a very generous trade-in on a new car. All cars traded in were sent back to the factory and destroyed. It is believed about 60 cars survived and this is the only example in North America.