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Citroën GSA- 1979


The Citroën GS (which means mass production in French) is a passenger car model with flowing lines that was introduced in 1970. Its hydraulic system, hydro-pneumatics, was derived in simplified form from the Citroën DS model. In 1979, the GSA model was introduced. The GS was also offered to give Citroën owners a modern yet smaller car than the larger and more luxurious d model. At this time, Citroën was interested in stopping production of the 2CV because it had become dated and unprofitable to produce. This objective was not met as the 2CV continued in production longer than the GS. Visible changes to the GSA is the rear hatch, plastic bumpers and door handles, as well as a futuristic instrument panel. With its hydro-pneumatic chassis, the GSA offers a comfortable ride.