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Citroën AMI 6- 1969


The Citroën Ami 6 was launched in 1961 as “the world’s most comfortable medium class car.” The arrival of the Ami 6 filled the demand for Citroën to produce a middle-price, mid-size car. While derived from the mechanical components of the 2CV, you can see the Ami has a very different design and appearance–the full-width, reverse-sloping rear window. As well as allowing a panoramic view to the rear, with the large glass surface of the window kept clean and dry in wet weather, the raked-back window also helps provide a larger trunk and better headroom for rear seat passengers. The spacious interior accommodation made possible by this layout is also enhanced by the car’s flat floor and its wide bench seats. It also shared many features of the Citroën DS, including its one-spoke steering wheel and door handles.