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Citroën 2CV Saloon-1964

The peoples’ car of France, originally developed before WWII, the 2CV did not go into production until 1950 because of the war.  The press laughed at the car, claiming it would not sell but by the time production started there was a 6-year waiting list.  Well-designed and cheap, it filled the needs of post-war rural France perfectly.  The car was updated through time, with engine power increased from 9 hp to 28 hp by the end of production in 1990.  The 2CV takes its place in history alongside the VW Beetle, Model T, and Mini as a long-running automotive success.
Manufacturer:  Andrè Citroën, Ingénieur-Constructeur
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front engine, front wheel drive
Engine:  425cc, 2 cylinder, air-cooled, 12hp
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Top Speed:  
Years of Production:  1950-91
Number Produced:  7,000,000
Original Cost: