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Berger Rocket Powered Car-1948

Hans Berger was a gifted engineer who built small helicopters and various mechanical devices.  In 1948 he built the rocket-powered car you see here.  Hans Berger also built the rocket motor that powered the car.  His young daughter, Heidi, drove the car in local races.  (She was the first woman in Switzerland to become licensed to fly helicopters).  The first body constructed for the car covered all the wheels because the rocket motor has very little thrust and a short burn time; this body proved to be too heavy, and a lighter one was built.  (This is the body you see here).  To start the car, a simple flip of a switch ignited the rocket motor – there was no throttle to control the thrust.  After a year of using the car, its power source was switched to a small motorcycle motor.  Unfortunately, the small rocket motor that powered this car was lost.
Manufacturer:  Hans Berger
Country of Origin:  Switzerland
Drivetrain Configuration:  Rocket engine
Engine: Unknown
Transmission:  None
Top Speed:  35mph
Years of Production:  1948
Number Produced:  1