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Fiat Baldi Frog – 1975

This fiberglass-bodied, Fiat 500-based microcar was built in San Remo, Italy by Carrozziere (Coachbuilder) G.A.M.C. Baldi. Baldi produced several different Fiat and Renault-based models, but the Frog was by far the most popular. First shown at the 1973 Paris Salon, Baldi’s intent was to produce a practical car with the smallest possible size, as a solution to urban traffic congestion. Being only 85 inches (215cm) long, it is a whole 4 inches (10cm) shorter than a Smart car, and 20 inches shorter than the Fiat 500 upon which it is based. Three engines were offered, ranging from 125cc to 595cc. This Frog is a “Rally” edition with the largest 595cc engine.
Built for only two years, the Frog went out of production after only 300 were produced.
Manufacturer:  G.A.M.C Baldi
Country of Origin:  Italy
Drivetrain Configuration:  Rear engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  595cc, 2 cylinder, air cooled
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Top Speed:  60 mph
Years of Production:  1973-1975
Number Produced:  300
Original Cost:  Unknown