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Autobianchi Bianchina ‘Eden Roc’- 1962


The Autobianchi Bianchina is one of the smallest cabriolets ever produced. These convertibles were built atop the Fiat 500 Nuevo chassis, and this second-generation Autobianchi Bianchina has stunning styling, adding to our rich Fiat 500 stories.

The Autobianchi Bianchina was presented to the public on September 16, 1957 at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. Initially, the car was equipped with Fiat’s smallest engine, an air-cooled 479 cc twin, producing 15 hp. In 1959, the engine power was increased to 17 hp and in 1960, the cabriolet version was launched.

In the same year, the Trasformabile, whose engine size was increased to 499 cc or 18 hp, was made available in a special version with a two-tone paint scheme and an engine enhanced to 21 hp. This body style featured a fixed B-pillar and partial roof, while the rest of the opening was covered by folding fabric; the Cabriolet version had no B-pillar. The Trasformabile was the only version to feature suicide doors, and in 1962, it was replaced by a four-seat sedan. The engine and chassis were the same in both.

In 1965, a minor facelift was made. In France, the models were sold under different nicknames for marketing purposes: the Berlina became the ‘Lutèce’, the Panoramica the ‘Texane’, and the Cabriolet was marketed as the ‘Eden Roc’.

The Lane Motor Museum Collection acquired this example during Retromobile in February, 2022 from a French classic car dealer that specializes in Fiats.


Country of Origin: Italy
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: Fiat, 499cc, 2-cylinder, air-cooled, 21 bhp
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Top speed: Unpublished
Years of Production: 1961-1964 (Series 2 D)
Number Produced: 5,500
Original Cost: Unpublished