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Austin Mini Moke- 1967


The Austin Mini Moke (British slang for “donkey”) began production in 1964. It was designed as a four-wheel-drive jeep-like utility vehicle for the British army. Although it was rejected by the military because of its low ground clearance, a two-wheel drive version became popular around the world as an inexpensive “fun” vehicle ideal for hot climates. As you can see, the Mini Moke is a minimal vehicle. It has no doors or hard top but can carry four people in its tub-like body. It is based on the successful Mini drivetrain and suspension. Through its life, the Mini Moke was produced in England, Portugal, and Australia, with production ending in the early 1990s. An odd feature of this car is the fact that you can remove the gas cap (which is located at your left hip) and check the fuel level–all while you are driving.




Manufacturer: Austin Motor Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Drivetrain Configuration: Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Engine: 850cc, four cylinders,45bhp
Top Speed: 65mph
Years of Production: 1964-1992
Number Produced: Approx. 50,000