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AMC M422 Mighty Mite- 1960


The M422 “Mighty Mite” was built by AMC as a light weight truck for “vertical envelopment operations,” i.e. parachuting, for the U.S. marines. An aluminum body helps keep the weight down to 1,700 pounds. The truck came in three models: the M422, M422a1, and M422a2. The M422ai has a 71″ wheelbase. It is 80 pounds heavier and 6 inches longer than the M422. The a1 uses the spare tire and windshield from the M38a1. Designed as a combat vehicle suitable for airlifting and manhandling, it can operate on all kinds of terrain. This vehicle has a fording depth of 21 inches, although it can drive in water up to 60 inches with a special kit. The suspension is mounted in a unique way which virtually eliminates roll-overs. The Mighty Mite was designed to carry a payload of 850 pounds while towing another 1,000 pounds on a trailer.


Manufacturer: American Motors Corp.
Country of Origin: USA
Drivetrain Configuration: Front-engine, two or four-wheel drive
Engine: CI-108; air-cooled,V-4, 52bhp108
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Top Speed: 55mph
Years of Production: 1960-1963
Number Produced: 3,922
Original Cost: $5,000