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Alfa Romeo Alfetta- 1977

Alfa Romeo Alfetta- 1977

Introduced in 1972 and named after the Tipo 158 racing cars of 1939-1950, the Alfetta Saloon utilized a completely new drivetrain for production Alfa models. The front was fairly conventional with double wishbones and torsion bars, but the rear used a de Dion setup with a clutch, transaxle, and inboard disc brakes, providing excellent weight distribution at the expense of added complexity. The four-door saloon’s conventional three box body was penned by Giugiaro, and it was fitted with a longitudinally mounted four cylinder, DOHC engine, with either dual Weber carburetors or SPICA injection. The U.S. market got the 2-liter engine and SPICA injection beginning in 1975–good for 130 horsepower and a top speed of 113 miles per hour. Not bad, considering the primitive (by today’s standards) emission controls utilized.




Manufacturer: Alfa Romeo SpA
Country of Origin: Italy
Engine: DOHC; I4,1962cc, 130bhp
Top Speed: 113mph
Years of Production: 1972-1984
Number Produced: 74,816
Original Cost: Unknown

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