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Alfa Romeo 2600 Berlina-1962

The Alfa 2600 was Alfa Romeo’s flagship car that succeeded the Alfa Romeo 2000. It is a significant car because it was the first Alfa to be powered by an inline 6-cylinder engine.  Although the 2600 was a fast car that handled well, sales were slow, as it was a very expensive car.  The styling was also met with much disfavor.  This car was originally equipped with seatbelts (which were optional).  The 2600 was also produced in a 2-door version (called Sprint), and a 2-door convertible called the Spider.
Manufacturer:  Alfa Romeo S.p.A. Milan
Country of Origin:  Italy
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: DOHC; 2584cc, I6 cylinder, 148bhp
Transmission:  5-speed manual
Top Speed:  108mph
Years of Production:  1961-1968
Number Produced:  2,092
Original Cost:  Approx. $4,500