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Aixam Kinetic-1998

Aixam is France’s largest Microcar manufacturer with about 40% of the French market.  This particular Aixam is unique because it was made in India by the Indian scooter maker Kinetic.  Speculation is that this must have been a joint venture where Kinetic used the basic design of the Aixam A550 and modified it to make a very low-end car.  Instead of the normal 2-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, Kinetic used a locally-made air cooled V-twin.  The body is made of low-quality plastic with some square tubing for reinforcement.  The rear brake lines are coiled instead of using a standard brake hose to save money.  Thankfully the top speed is a mere 40 mph.  This apparently proved to not be a good joint venture as neither Aixam nor Kinetic has any info on the making of this car.
Manufacturer:  Kinetic
Country of Origin:  India
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Engine: Air-cooled, 500cc, two cylinders
Transmission:  Automatic
Top Speed:  40mph
Years of Production:  1996
Number Produced:  Unknown
Original Cost: Very low