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Cars For Sale

Almost every museum eventually gets to the point that it faces storage limits, and institutions periodically evaluate their collections to weed out what no longer fits, what’s unlikely to be displayed, or what they may have gotten a better example of.

That’s what Lane Motor Museum is currently doing. As our focus evolves and sharpens, our Director and Curator have studied the Collection with an eye to the above, and made some hard choices. In keeping with responsible collection management practices, we have made the decision to part with the following vehicles. Some are in great condition, some are project cars, with others somewhere in between. We would like to provide others with the opportunity to revive, restore, and enjoy these cars, rather than consigning them to decades of dark, dusty storage. Even though they may no longer be here, we will be continuing our mission of sharing these unique cars with the public.

Be assured, these selections were not made without considerable deliberation and discussion. We hope that making space for new acquisitions will allow us to strengthen the stories we are able to tell through our collection in the coming years.

These are the ONLY vehicles available at this time.

The following items in the Lane Motor Museum collection are being offered for sale:


  • 1961 Lloyd LT-600 | $50,000 Recently restored. Near perfect condition. Click through for more pictures.
  • 1966 Fiat 600 Multipla | $30,000 72,000 kilometers (45K miles). Good condition. Drives well, stops great. Electric fuel pump installed in November 2019. Instrumentation works as it should. New tires. Click through for more pictures.
  • 1971 LeGrand Mk12 Super Vee | $20,000 This was a one-off, single seat formula race car, since LeGrand did not put this car into production. Excellent condition. Runs and drives. Click through for more pictures.
  • 1988 Citroën Tissier Car Carrier | $45,000 Citroën CX-based, diesel powered, and will accommodate cars around 2CV size. Bed dimensions are 11’ 8” from the winch to the end of the beavertail, and 69” between the bed rails. Carrying capacity is about 3600 pounds. Overall length approaches 23’. Repairs made in 2021 include a replacement low-mile engine, transmission, suspension work, brakes, and electrical repairs. Chassis shows 552K kms, but replaced engine and transmission has under 50K kms. Runs and drives well, has some cosmetic issues. Click through for more pictures.
  • 1993 Banham X99 | $2,500 Kit car based on Rover Mini. Needs suspension work. Does not run. Click through for more pictures.
  • 1994 Tatra T-815 Rollback | $30,000 Six-wheel drive, 22′ x 8′ bed. 20 ton hydraulic winch. Good running condition, new batteries, 65,000km. Top speed of 50 mph. Click through for more pictures. 
  • 1999 Dallara Truck Nation IRL Car | $60,000 Currently set up for road courses. Last driven on the track about 15 years ago. Oldsmobile Aurora engine and Emco gearbox. Includes starter cart. Click through for more pictures.
  • Used Technomagnesio Wheels:  $150 each. 12 available. 4 bolt pattern. 13″x6″ wide. 3.75″ bolt pattern. 3/4″ inset. 1/2″ lug hole.
  • Used Machined Wheels:  $150 each. 4 available. 4 bolt pattern. 13″x7″ wide. 3.75″ bolt pattern. 1″ inset.
  • New Mini Joengbloed Wheels:  $200 each. 4 available. 4 bolt pattern. 13″x7″ wide. 3.75″ bolt pattern. 1/4″ inset. 1/2″ lug hole.

To receive more information about any of these vehicles or parts for sale, please contact Jeff Lane at lane@lanemotormuseum.org.