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Zipp 3001-1997


The 1990s was an exciting time in the bicycle industry with new materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber presenting new design possibilities. Many “non-traditional” designs, like the Zipp 2001, began entering the market. In 1997, the Zipp 3001 was offered in the limited quantity of 100 frames. Boron strips were added to the carbon fiber, making it both stiffer and lighter than the 2001. Production ended in 1997.


Although the UCI ruled non-double diamond frames illegal for road racing (starting January 2000), Zipps are legal in triathlon events where they enjoy a cult following among racers. Very aerodynamic, the Zipp 3001 is considered one of the fastest time trial (TT) frames ever made.



Designer/builder: Zipp Speed Weaponry

Country of Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Weight: 9072g/ 20lbs.