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Urban Ryder-2007


After a 5-year development process, the A-Bike, aka the Sinclair, was released in the UK in 2006. The result of a collaboration between Britain’s Sinclair research and Hong Kong’s Daka design firm, it was advertised to commuters as the world’s lightest and smallest folding bike. Weighing 5.7 Kg (13lbs) and quickly folding to 67×30×16 cm (26.4×11.8×6.3 in) or nearly 25% of its original size, it is easy and convenient to transport. A twin-chain system, encased to prevent oil spills, was used allowing the bicycle to travel an amazing 10.5 ft. per crank rotation on its tiny 6- inch tires.


By 2007, the official A-Bike online support online reference guide released a statement warning A-Bike enthusiasts to beware of counterfeit A-Bikes. Many copies were made often using substandard materials. The Urban Ryder seen here follows the A-Bike design very closely even using the same reflector and weight limit stickers. Differences can be seen, however, with the smaller 5” Cheng Shin tires, smooth handlebar grips (the A-bike has a diamond pattern), and most obvious being the Urban Ryder brand rather than “A-Bike” on the frame.



Designer/builder: Sir Clive Sinclair & Alex Kalogroulis/ Sinclair Research & Daka

Country of Origin: England

Weight: 5897g/ 13lbs.