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Tsunoda Mini-z Noda (Robin)- 2001


The Robin, as it is commonly known, is a kit bicycle that was targeted to Japanese citizens fond of things mechanical. The Robin advertised fun in the assembly process just like a plastic model, with the added bonus of a functioning bicycle upon completion. Inside the kit were 52 parts and detailed assembly instructions in Japanese. Following the instructions, one with basic bicycle knowledge can assemble the bicycle seen here in approximately 2 hours. A bicycle this small offers no real transportation advantages, therefore many kit builders took manufacturer’s suggestions to veer from the directions and created customized versions.


Sold from 2001-2013 this bicycle found a niche in Japanese culture. Many personal web pages feature the building process of Robins as well as Robins on adventures. The bicycle is also featured in Manga, aka Japanese comics



Designer/builder: Tsunoda Co, .Ltd.

Country of Origin: Japan

Weight: 6350g/ 14lbs.