Schwinn Paramount Tandem Bike-1975

Schwinn Paramount Tandem Bike-1975

On loan from James Greene.


Tandem bicycles have been around since before the turn of the last century. The great advantage of a tandem is that it allows riders of different skills and abilities to ride together, making this style a favorite for couples. Tandems are typically faster than single bikes due to double the power with the same frontal area.


Schwinn made tandems on their Paramount production line from 1969-1979. The Paramount name was reserved for top-of-the-line Schwinns. Today, this factory continues to make bicycles under the name Waterford Precision Cycles.



Designer/builder: Schwinn Bicycle Company

Country of Origin: Waterford, Wisconsin, USA

Weight: 18144g/ 40lbs.

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