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Raleigh Sports 5-Speed- 1968


The classic English roadster produced from the 1930s through the1960s, had a lugged steel frame, with an internal 3-speed hub, and upright riding position. It featured fenders, a chainguard, a leather saddle, and rod-actuated brakes. These bikes have been widely produced for the European market, known for durability, and built for everyday use.


In 1966, Raleigh subsidiary Sturmey-Archer introduced the 5-speed S5 hub seen here, in what became the ultimate version of the English roadster. Note the stylish shift levers that would be right at home in a Jaguar XK-E. The entire bike was made from just 3 materials: steel, rubber, and leather, as “alloys” were not considered durable enough to stand the test of time. The resulting bike is perfect for riding the relatively flat and rainy English countryside in street clothes.



Designer/builder: Raleigh Bicycle Company

Country of Origin: England

Weight: 16330g/ 36lbs.