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Raleigh Sovereign Lugged Steel Frame-1970s

From the 1930s to the 1970s, this was the way high-quality bikes were made: Lugs, which are cast steel sockets, were fitted to the corners of the frame. Next, metal tubes were fitted to the lugs and held in place by brazing or silver soldering. The process was labor-intensive, and factory workers were considered craftsmen. The welder’s artistry showed when lugs assumed whimsical shapes. The best quality tubing was double butted or thickened at the ends where the stress points were, and thinner in the middle. The 531 tubing by Reynolds of England and SLX tubing by Columbus of Italy were considered the best.



Designer/builder: Raleigh

Country of Origin: England

Weight: 2585.48g/ 5.7lbs