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Peugeot AE21 Hybrid Electric Bike-2011


The AE21 is a compact e-bike aimed at urban commuters with a design that integrates a lithium-ion battery into the bike’s aluminum frame. This arrangement allows space at the center of the bike for a laptop bag and folding lock. It is propelled by a 250-watt electric motor located in the front wheel hub. The 36V battery is rated at 9.3 ampere-hours, which means it stores 334 watt-hours of energy, for a range of up to 30 Miles. The battery can be recharged directly on the bike or removed for recharging at home or the office. The bike also features folding handlebars and pedals for easy storage.



Designer/builder: Cycles Peugeot

Country of Origin: France

Weight: 20412g/ 45lbs.