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Moulton Cycle APB-1992


The AM Series was named after engineer Alex Moulton, the original designer of the Moulton bicycle. Although he had sold the rights and name of his design to Raleigh in 1967, he was able to buy them back again in the early 1980s. The first AM Series models were released in 1983 using Moulton’s newest concept, the space frame. The frame is a purposeful arrangement of thin steel rods creating a lightweight but rigid structure. While it may not look like it, the frame easily separates, fitting into a car trunk or oversized suitcase for portability.


This model, the APB (All-Purpose Bicycle), was designed to bring the Moulton line to a larger market achieved by using off-the-shelf components rather than the custom tires, wheels, and inner tubes found on the original Moultons. Moulton described the APB as, “less sophisticated… yet containing all the essential features.” It was produced under license by Pashley Cycles. After the creation of Moulton Cycle in 2008, production of Moulton designs by Pashley ended.


The AM Series is still in production today with new models continually released.



Designer/builder: Alex Moulton / Pashley Cycles

Country of Origin: England

Weight: 13154g/ 29lbs.