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KtraK Kit



The KtraK kit is a replacement rear-drive assembly that turns any mountain bike into an all-terrain vehicle. Released in 2006, the base kit costs $ 400 and consists of a composite wheel and polyurethane track. The goal of the kit, invented by Kyle Reeves of Vancouver, Canada, was to boost traction so that difficult terrain, such as sand and snow, would be easy to traverse on any mountain bike. Advertisements claimed the system offered 25 times better traction than the average bicycle tire. The front ski runner, which was sold separately for $130, turns the bike into a person-powered snowmobile. Installation is quite easy; the rear bicycle wheel is removed and replaced by the caterpillar-like assembly, and the front wheel is removed and replaced by the ski; with quick-release hubs, tools are not even required! Installed, the KtraK adds 5-7 lbs. to a bicycle.


In 2008, KtraK appeared on the CTV show Dragon’s Den, (similar to Shark Tank) where Reeves was offered $500,000 CAD for a 50% stake in his company. He declined the offer. Today, KtraKs are available to purchase through online retailers.




Designer/builder: Kyle Reeves/ Ktrak Cycle Corp.

Country of Origin: Canada

Weight: 18kg/ 22Ibs