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Hyslop Brothers Aviator Tandem Bicycle with Aerothrust Propeller- 1912


William M. Hyslop was the Half Mile Bicycle Champion of Canada and a member of the Toronto Bicycle Club. He was in the bicycle Works business with his brother George Hyslop, established circa 1892. Hyslop Brother’s bicycles were known for their quality of build and dependability. In promotional material, they offered: “Only the very latest equipment, coupled with high-grade material and workmanship enters into the construction of all Hyslop Bicycles.”

This is a rear-steering tandem bicycle. They were known In America as “courting bikes”. The earliest practical forms of tandem bicycles began to appear on the roads in about 1893. They were introduced to permit the use of a bicycle by a lady and gentleman but they were designed for the lady to occupy the front saddle. By placing the lady in front it was thought in those days that she must occupy the place of honor. The male rider was entrusted with the steering and balancing. To enable these functions, steering could be controlled from the rear handle-bar, but also the front. As you can see in this tandem, the rear set of handlebars is linked to the front fork, connected by a chain drive and rods on the off sides. This arrangement meant that the front rider could hold on but was not expected to do any steering or she interfered with her partner’s control of the machine! You can probably imagine what must have transpired…times have changed!

This Hyslop Brother’s Aviator model tandem bicycle is fitted with an Aerothrust propeller engine. Eventually, Hyslop Brother’s became the Oldsmobile & Cadillac car distributor for Canada.


Hyslop Brothers Aviator Tandem Bicycle

Manufacturer: Hyslop Brothers Ltd.
Country of Origin: Canada
Drivetrain Configuration: Pedal-power-chain-driven
Transmission: Single-speed
Years Produced: Unknown
Number Produced: Unknown
Cost: Unknown

Aerothrust Engine:

Manufacturer: Aerothrust Engine Co.
Country of Origin: USA
Engine: Air-cooled opposed-twin, two-stroke, dual-fuel, 3bhp
Years Produced: 1915-1922
Number Produced: Unknown
Cost: $50; incl. mount, magneto, fuel tank, prop and shroud