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DAHON Vigor P9-2013


When the oil crisis emerged in 1975, Dr. David Hon realized that better urban mobility was needed. Inspired by his days at UCLA, when he had to disassemble his bike to fit in his car, he began designing a portable bike that was light, good-looking, and quickly foldable. Financed by his brother, the first DAHON folding bike, the City Hopper, was manufactured in Taiwan in 1984. Today the company has 2/3rds of the folding bike market with over 5 million bicycles sold.


This model, the Vigor P9, has a folded size of 66 x 34 x 81cm (26” x 13.4” x 31.9”). The frame is made with Hydroformed Dalloy with Lattice Forged Hinge and V-Clamp Technology, (a few of Dahon’s 2200 patents!). The drivetrain consists of a 9-speed SRAM Short-Cage Rear Derailleur and Trigger Shifter.



Designer/builder: Dr. David Hon/ Dahon Technologies Ltd.

Country of Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA

Weight: 11793g/ 26lbs.