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Cat Cheetah -1998


The Cat Cheetah was created by Rudi Kurth, a Swiss engineering prodigy. Rudi trained initially on the construction of lightweight panels for race cars and also built and raced motorcycle sidecars. In 1995 Rudi built the first Cat Cheetahs for himself and a friend primarily for triathlon, duathlon and time trials. The bike was innovative, with all carbon-fiber construction and an X front fork that eliminated traditional handlebars. In 1995 a journalist wrote an article about the Cat Cheetah; at the same time Edco, a Swiss bicycle component manufacturer borrowed a Cat Cheetah to display at the Anaheim bike show in the United States. Interest in the bike was so strong that Rudi put the bike into production in 1998, and during its 15-year production life, about 150 bikes were built.



Designer/builder: Rudi Kurth

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Weight: 8165g/ 18lbs.