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Calfee Luna-Tri Frame -1995

Craig Calfee is a pioneer frame builder specializing in carbon fiber and bamboo design, manufacturing, and repair. He began by building custom carbon fiber frames in 1987 under the name ‘Carbonframes’. He also made bicycles for Tour de France winner Greg LeMond in 1991 under the ‘LeMond’ name. In 1997 he founded Calfee Design. His designs are known for their form-follows-function aesthetic, using glued carbon-fiber tubes and unique carbon-fiber lugs, favoring carbon fiber and bamboo for their high stiffness-to-weight ratio and comfortable vibration damping. All Calfee bikes are handmade in California.



Designer/builder: Craig Calfee/ Calfee Design

Country of Origin: La Selva Beach, California, USA

Weight: 1360.78g/3lbs.