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Bontrager Race Mountain Bike-1994


On loan from Graf Hilgenhurst


Motocross racer Keith Bontrager founded Bontrager Cycles and began developing his own line of mountain bikes in 1980. While other companies were developing frames made of aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber, Bontrager formulated methods to strengthen joints with gussets, bonding, and riveting in order to distribute weight and lessen the weakening effect of brazing and welding in his steel frames. His bikes were also the first front-suspension bikes to use the “RockShox” fork.


When his company was purchased by Trek in 1995, Bontrager took on product development. His name can be seen on Trek components such as handlebars, stems, bar ends, seatposts, tires, cranksets, rims, and wheels.



Designer/builder: Keith Bontrager/ Bontrager Cycles

Country of Origin: Sunnyvale, California, USA

Weight: 13608g/ 30lbs.