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BikeE AT-2002


Recumbents, or bicycles that are ridden from a reclining position, have maintained a small but steady market since the 1930s. They are especially appreciated by those with back and neck problems. Although slow uphill, they can be quite fast downhill or on level ground. BikeE began producing recumbents in 1993 and grew to become the world’s best-selling recumbent with their simple, economical designs. The AT was the high-end model due to its air-adjustable rear shock. At $1225 it was the most economical rear sus-pension recumbent available. The 3″ rear shock gave plenty of travel, increasing comfort downhill but causing some suspension “pogo” effect on hard climbing. The sanctioning body UCI outlawed recumbents from competing as “bicycles” in 1934 after a recumbent broke the one-hour record, but are still allowed to compete in a separate category as “human-powered vehicles.”


BikeE went out of business in 2002.



Designer/builder: BikeE Corporation

Country of Origin: Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Weight: 15422g/ 34lbs.