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Bike Friday Pocket Rocket -2006


Bike Friday, co-founded by brothers Alan and Hanz Scholz in 1992, has found a niche market for those who want to bring their bicycles with them on their travels. After taking a trip to Europe with an uncomfortable folding bike, they vowed to invent a higher-quality travel bicycle. Their claim to fame is that all Bike Friday models will disassemble to fit into one suitcase, except for their tandem models, which fit into two suitcases. They can be brought as checked luggage on airplanes without the high fees associated with oversized baggage. They are not foldable like “commuter bikes”, and some time and tools are required to reassemble them. Once assembled, however, Bike Fridays ride as well as any other high-quality steel frame bicycle.



Designer/builder: Alan and Hanz Scholz /Bike Friday

Country of Origin: Eugene, Oregon, USA

Weight: 9527g/ 21lbs.