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How long has it taken to build the collection?

The foundation was based on a donation of 70 vehicles in 2002. The majority of the cars have been acquired by the Museum since that time.

What is your smallest and largest vehicle?

Our smallest vehicle is a Peel P50. It is listed in the Guinness World Records as the “Smallest Street-Legal Car” and it is 53” long, 39” wide, and 53” high. The vehicle was built by Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man, U.K. from 1962 until 1965. A single passenger car capable of speeds up to 40 mph.

The largest is the amphibious LARC-LX. It is the width, length, and height of three semis parked side by side. Built for the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era, the tires are 9 feet tall. The vehicle is powered with 4 engines that drive each of the wheels.

What age are the cars in the collection?


We have two French cars built in 1924. The Citroën 5 CV “Trefle” has a torpedo style body with three seats in a cloverleaf formation. The Sima-Violet is a 500cc cyclecar with a plywood body.

The latest model is a 2003 Smart Car by Mercedes. The micro compact car is 8 feet long and 5 feet wide. The Smart Car is extremely popular in Europe as it can squeeze into the tiniest of parking spaces and gets more than 60 miles per gallon of gas.

What is the weirdest car at the Museum?




Weird?!?! We like the word “unique”. I would say the Helicron. This one-of-akind vehicle was constructed in 1932 in France and has a wooden body.

What makes it unique are the four foot propeller and wooden guard on the front of the vehicle. The engine drives the propeller which pulls the vehicle down the road! Yes, it carries a Tennessee license plate and has been driven. We like
cars that make people smile.


What is the fastest car?

The 1985 Porsche 928 S. The top speed is 156.The Caterham Blackbird may go 0-60 faster (4 seconds), but it doesn’t have as high a top speed (130).

Does Lane Motor Museum really have cars from A to Z?


Okay, here we go: Amphicar, Berkeley, Citroën, DKW, Fiat, Georges Irat, Honda, Ifa, Jensen, Kawasaki, Lotus, MG, NSU, OTAS, Porsche, Renault, Scootacar,Tatra, Ultra Van, Voisin, Weidner, Xtreme Motor Co., Yamaha, and Zündapp.
Well, you caught us. We are missing E and Q, but we are working on those.

How many cars are in the collection?



Nearly 400 vehicles are in the collection. Lane Motor Museum rotates its collection  a regular basis to keep the exhibit floor fresh for returning guests.

Do they all run?



On a good day. Seriously, I would say 90% of our collection runs. A few cars are going through major restoration. There is always maintenance to be done on a collection this large – a brake job here, an electrical problem there. The vehicles receive annual tune ups and oil changes.

Is there anything you want for the collection that you don’t already have?


Possibly a Mathis 333 – a 3 wheel, 3 seat vehicle.

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