On Display Now Through May 31, 2021

 I'm Jeff Lane, founder of the Lane Motor Museum. We Specialize in cars you've probably never seen before. For a long time, and for many reasons, I have wanted to create a book about the museum.

The collection is so unique that visitors almost always ask for more information about our cars. It is our hope that they learn a little while they are here, and that this book provides a way for them to take a little bit more information home.

Our cars are simply not like many vintage automobiles, where you can look up a specific marque on the internet to learn more about it, or easily buy a comprehensive book as you can when researching more commonly known makes. Rather, we have many one-of-a-kind cars here - a lot of very special cars.

I love cars. I love driving them. I love working on them. I love learning about them. I'm very passionate about every aspect of cars.

Establishing the Lane Motor Museum has given me a chance to collect a lot of unusual cars and share them with people.

hobby gone wild, the exhibition, is a way to experience first-hand several of the vehicles featured in our new book of the same title. I hope you'll take a copy home and enjoy an in-depth reading on some of our fascinating vehicles.

- Jeff Lane

Nashville, Tennessee

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