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“Success represents 1% of your work which results only from the 99% that is called failure. Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure, be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing.” – Soichiro Honda

Have you ever had an “aha!” moment? Being struck by inspiration can lead to innovation. Throughout history, innovation has always spurred humankind’s success. Some of these breakthroughs brought about immediate change, while others were ahead of their time. Since the early days of the horseless carriage, various tinkerers and engineers have expanded on the idea of what a car could be. A few of these designs were radical departures from what was considered the norm at the time; cars with three wheels instead of four, off-the-wall styling, or unorthodox engineering. Many of these cars were intended for mass production, but most fell very short, some with nothing more than a prototype produced. We at Lane Motor Museum are highlighting many examples of these so-called “failed successes” found in the collection; innovative designs that were ahead of their time, never found a market, or were just a little too unusual for the motoring public.

Eureka! Innovative Ideas That Were Ahead of Their Time is open now through May 20, 2019


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