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The diorama collection currently on display at Lane Motor Museum is the result of the painstaking yet rewarding work by local artist Andrew “Andy” Roderick. Andy’s work depicts many scenes familiar to American motorists, including gas stations, garages and mechanics’ shops, and even a drag strip.

The Tennessee Crossroads TV show featured Andy's designs in a great video that explains his process:

Andy's Dioramas will be on display at Lane Motor Museum until October 17, 2016.

About the Artist

Artist, Andy RoderickAndrew “Andy” Roderick was born in 1952 in Ronceverte, West Virginia and is the youngest of three children.

Andy is an alumnus of Marshall University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with an RBA degree in 1988.

Andy’s friend, Dean Grossman, bestowed him with an honorary title of Doctor of Mechanical Dioramics from TIC (Tongue-In-Cheek) University in Tucson, Arizona.

Andy and his wife Bethany have two sons and four grandchildren and reside in Portland, Tennessee.

Andy has worked as an apartment owner and manager, musician, salesman, fundraising coordinator and curator for the National Corvette Museum, an announcer for the Beech Bend drag strip and circle track, a Cruise-In diner owner and manager, a real-estate developer, a home builder, and a dioramist.

Each of the dioramas on display are for sale individually, or you may lease or purchase the entire display (case and diorama). If you are interested in purchasing a diorama (or the whole case), email Andy Roderick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..